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Flying With Disability

Medical Certificates
A medical certificate is a statement of health from the traveller's doctor outlining that the passenger is capable of completing the flight without extra medical care.

Airlines need not request a medical certificate, based solely on the fact that the traveller is disabled.

An airline may, however, request a medical certificate is there is reasonable concern that medical assistance will be necessitated.

This situation may arise if you are flying in a stretcher or incubator, will require medical oxygen for a section of the flight or have a special medical condition which concerns the airline that you will not be able to complete the flight without extraordinary medical assistance.

Those travelling with a communicable disease will also need to get a medical certificate, demonstrating that the infection will not effect any of the airline's crew or passenger during the flight.

An airline's priority is the safety of all its passengers, and if a medical certificate cannot guarantee the safety of its passengers, then it has reasonable ground to deny passage, only if during the normal course of a flight the disease may be transmitted to others onboard.

A medical certificate should outline the conditions or precautions required to prevent the transmission of the disease. An airline may only deny transportation if it is unfeasible to meet these conditions.

Frequent travellers are usually able to obtain a frequent traveller's medical card outlining any relevant conditions from the airline's medical department.

It is well worth getting one of these cards, as it can streamline the entire process of flying. The card acts as a proof of medical clearance with the allocated airline.

It is always good to build up a lasting relationship with an airline, as they will able to accommodate your specific needs with each flight as they become accustomed to your disability.